Mom, Dad, the Dog Ate My Poland

from by Cojko Dial#



In the year of our lord, 1939,
Hitler rose to power,
He stormed across the Netherlands,
Desecrating tulip flowers,

His battlesuit, majestic...
His eyes, of lazer beams...
One man army, marching forth,
The Nazi war machine.

Churchill in his fighter jet, poised to bring him down,
Stalin's submarine is aiming at his blackened crown,
FDR is hacking in to his main circuit board,
Mussolini defects, denies his former lord,

History, exciting!

Tarantino ripped it off, but made it less exciting,
The real war had many more giant robots fighting...


from Enter Shakira, released May 8, 2011




Cojko Dial# UK

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