Older than Three​.​.​.

from by Cojko Dial#



Whiskey and abuse...
Fiery murder juice...

Cocktail of insanity,
Alcohol profanity,
Gore and tortured limbs,
Twisted metal carcass,

Smoking magnesium,
Through the eyes of a sheep,
Gaseous metal death,
Burn like heroin!
Lysurgic nightmare,
Dissociative fugue,
Splintered fingers fill my eyes,
Waves of terror, fear and lies,

Whores and bastard witches,
Evil darkness!
Hole in my head, I can see out,
Magnesium delirium...

Cut yourself wide open,
Coming down like Lockerbie,
The elder ones have spoken,
You're my victim, bleed on me!!

White hot searing metal,
Knives slice my vision,
Like delicate rose petals,
Blood pools in my hands...


from Enter Shakira, released May 8, 2011




Cojko Dial# UK

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