The Exception that Disproves the Rule

from by Cojko Dial#



Craig, created by science,
The product of an unholy alliance between man and beast...
And the elder ones did feast, upon that night,
When Craig... Craig emerged from the light!

Pokemon and metalcore,
He don't need nothin' more,
Plays bass just like Mark King,
He'll do anything for the Queen...

Craig is a gentle chap,
He don't like that gangsta rap,
Once I saw him throwing up,
On the top deck of a bus,
His taste in music isn't good,
In many ways he's misunderstood,
By day, he reads 'bout kingly might,
But he's a dangerous sexual predator by night...



from Enter Shakira, released May 8, 2011




Cojko Dial# UK

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