The Real Life Patrick Stewart

from by Cojko Dial#



Why are you such a massive dickhead?
I used to think you were so wicked...
Fighting klingons in the sky, you were a stand up British guy,
Acting in all of Shakespeare's dramas, wielding swords and wearing armour

Patrick Stewart
(Shiny bald head!)
Patrick Stewart, from Star Trek...
(with your shiny bald head)

Young Patrick came from Huddersfield,
A town in Yorkshire, far afield,
Brave captain of the enterprise,
A drunken glance from beady little eyes,
His remarks got a little bit racy,
He was mean to the guy from Gavin and Stacey,
Looked like a dickhead on the telly,
If you fancy the Jonas Brothers, cover your belly...


from Enter Shakira, released May 8, 2011




Cojko Dial# UK

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